Yip Man/Pan Nam Wing Chun

"Stand like a mountain, attack like fire engulfing the forest and defend like water swallowing the fire".

Introduction to Fatshan Wing Chun Association

There are many systems of Wing Chun with their own unique flavour. However, the basic principles of the art remain the same. For that reason we say "Wing Chun is Wing Chun" and if it works we use it no matter which discipline it is from. All we endeavour to do is to use the proven Wing Chun principles and techniques to produce maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

One may call our Wing Chun as predominantly Yip Man. However, there are strong influences from the Pan Nam system of Win Chun, which initially manifest themselves in our drills, stance and some of the techniques we use. At the latter stages and when one is reasonably proficient with the Yip Man system the main training in the Pan Nam forms and system starts.

There is also a strong emphasis on the development of Qi energy and Qi Gung. The students are taught various Qi Gung exercises/forms and the Wing Chun forms are performed with the Qi flow specifically in mind.

Our purpose is solely to pass on the art and, as such, we are not a profit making school. The classes are held once a week and we are relatively a very small group. No membership fees or specific uniform are required; only an open mind and an eagerness to learn are the prerequisites. We also very much expect the students to train between lessons. Once a week is not enough and we expect the student to develop the self-discipline require for Martial Arts by training on their own. Individual Students' progress is checked on an ongoing basis. There are no "grading" type tests; new elements are added to the individual student's training as and when they develop their skills.

The classes are held on Fridays:

Classes for Children under 16 are held at 18:45 till 20:00 hrs
 Adult classes are at  20:00 hrs till 21:30 hrs

For information please call: Ah Loong on: 07803 590 453
Or For information about the classes click here


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